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A comprehensive approach to health and healing

We offer Alternative Holistic Therapy in Fairfax, Virginia backed by decades of experience and knowledge in a variety of alternative health methodologies.

With a focus on primary care, we provide individualized care that is focused on your needs, goals, and objectives. We strive to take a holistic healing approach to every condition, believing that, when functioning optimally, the body has the natural ability to heal itself. Find out more about our innovative approach to health and wellness by contacting our Fairfax location today.

Alternative cancer treatments

Noted for our alternative cancer treatment therapies, our team utilizes integrative medicine and alternative health approaches to eradicate the core cause of cancer in individuals. We strive to eliminate the toxins, nutrient deficiencies, and stress issues that have been linked to cancerous growths.


We take care of all of You

Treating the person as a whole being, rather than a series of symptoms and issues, our team of alternative medicine doctors works together to eliminate the source of illness and to restore optimal health and wellness.



Colon Hydrotherapy in Fairfax, Virginia

As a center dedicated to alternative medicine, we wholeheartedly believe that your health is your most precious resource and most valuable asset. Without good health, your quality of life is diminished and it’s hard to feel content. All our providers and patient care staff approach wellness from an integrative, functional, and holistic manner, striving to eliminate the causes of disease and illness while promoting wellness education.

Combining the efforts of general alternative medicine practitioners with nutritionists, functional medicine associates, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and more, our staff works to improve the body-mind-spirit connection to help elevate wellness levels throughout the entire body.

We work in partnership with the patients, allowing them to take ownership in their own treatment plan while learning more about the integrative nature of the human body. Our focus is to treat the underlying cause of disease and illness and not just treat conditions. We work towards alleviating symptoms and pain through alternative medicine and holistic healing.

We help you restore and maintain good health by strengthening your body’s own healing power to prevent disease and overcome chronic illnesses. The alternative health services we have include but are not limited to:


Here at the Gentle Wellness Center, we are driven by a mission to empower consumers and practitioners both through education, training, and research. We help you restore and maintain good health by strengthening your body’s own healing power to prevent disease and overcome chronic illnesses. Together, our alternative medicine doctors will work with you throughout your healing journey to optimize your well-being.


Great benefits from the progressive techniques for culturing improved spine and neck conditions as well as diminishing pain with low-level laser therapy.

- Jessie L - Laser Therapy & Chiropractic Patient

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