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Acupuncture therapy involves the insertion of thin and sterile needles into the strategic points of your body. This therapy helps to treat pain and alleviates the energy blockages. It is also used for overall wellness and allows the body to regain a state of balance. Acupuncture therapy can be effectively combined with other treatments to help the patients for whom pain medications are not suitable. It improves the body’s physical, mental, and spiritual health.

This traditional Chinese therapy helps in balancing the flow of energy and achieving harmony within the body. The flow of energy happens through (meridians) in your body. Acupuncturists use the insertion technique to put needles into precise points along these apexes to re-balance the energy flow. These specific points help to stimulate nerves, muscles, and connective tissues. This stimulation boosts the person's body’s natural painkillers. Acupuncture can be beneficial as it will not cause any side effects like the conventional medication.

Acupuncture can help patients dealing with many health concerns. It treats the whole person, which includes their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Acupuncture is a safe, gentle, drug-free therapy, which has helped practitioners to treat different kinds of pain, such as headaches, neck pain, osteoarthritis, menstrual cramps, lower back pain, dental pain, and respiratory disorders. It also helps with nausea and vomiting induced as a side effect of chemotherapy. It has been used successfully and effectively for over 2000 years. Only sterile, one-use needles are used to help boost the well-being of the body. Most patients feel slight-to-no uneasiness when they are inserted.

At Gentle Wellness Center, we focus on restoring the balance within the person rather than just eliminating the symptoms. Our expert Acupuncturist will review your medical history and discuss the detailed goals for your treatment. We provide personalized care for each patient, as every patient’s medical history is different. Our acupuncture therapy will relieve you of the discomfort, pain and help ease various symptoms of diseases. We use tiny, hair-thin needles that practitioners leave on the body for 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the person’s treatment needs.

Gentle Wellness Center offers you wide-ranging acupuncture and pain management treatment. Our doctors are fully qualified and have specialized training in acupuncture and other pain management techniques. Our providers are able to help patients manage and cure acute and chronic pain, as well as treat non-pain related illnesses through acupuncture. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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