All About IPT Therapy

doctor and patient

While high-dose chemotherapy has long been the standard of care when it comes to cancer, some patients are seeking alternatives.

In fact, Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is an innovative approach that uses insulin to transport cancer-killing drugs into malignant cells.

This type of cancer treatment is able to improve the efficacy of chemotherapy at lower doses. As a result, patients experience fewer side effects and increased benefits of cytotoxic medications.

Why Is Insulin Important to Cancer Cells?

Insulin carries glucose from the blood, binds to receptor sites, and permeates the cell’s membrane to deliver nutrients.

Because they need glucose energy to survive, cancer cells have 20 times more insulin receptor sites for adequate nourishment and growth.

What Is Insulin Potentian Therapy (IPT)?

Insulin Potentian Therapy (IPT) uses insulin to enhance the effects of chemotherapy and decrease the amounts of cytotoxic drugs needed.

How Does Insulin Potentian Therapy (IPT) Work?

IPT takes advantage of a tumor’s need for glucose to open cancer cell membranes for a more efficient delivery of chemotherapy. More specifically, insulin acts as a carrier for cytotoxic drugs and enables them to precisely target cancer cells at lower doses.

In the past, IPT required patients to be placed in an insulin coma. But now, an individual’s blood sugar can be reduced slightly below normal in a clinical setting.

What Are the Benefits of IPT?

With IPT, insulin boosts the potency of chemotherapy, so that less of it is needed to impact cancer cells. A decreased dose also means that patients experience fewer adverse events.

Therefore, IPT produces a more effective and gentle chemotherapy that allows other aspects, such as nutrition to promote immunity and mind-body healing, to be included in an individual’s treatment regimen.

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