Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments – Do they Work?

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Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments – Do they Work?There have been a lot of advancements in the treatment options for breast cancer. Conventional treatments for breast cancer range from surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and anti-hormone therapies. Although the traditional methods of treating breast cancer are widely recommended by oncologists, many patients who believe that chemicals and drugs do more harm than being real cures, opt for alternative breast cancer treatments. Natural breast cancer treatments can do miracles depending on the type of treatment and the way a patient’s body and mind responds to the treatment. The most important advantage of taking an alternative form of breast cancer treatment is the minimum or negligible amount of side effects unlike chemotherapy or radiation.

Successful Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments

Some of the most successful alternative breast cancer treatments include taking special herbs and natural forms of medicine included in traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine system, homeopathy, naturopathy, doing yoga, taking massages, acupuncture, meditation and Indigenous healing methods. All of these are natural breast cancer treatments that work instead of, or along side the conventional treatments as complementary treatments. Although Western medicine or allopathic doctors may recommend chemo and radiation as the first form of treatment, many doctors now a days are open to discussing alternatives to chemo even for metastatic breast cancer. It is also always advisable to discuss with your doctor before starting any type of alternative cancer treatment as herbal or natural medicines can at times interfere with chemotherapy or other prescription medicines.

Depending on the stage of the breast cancer, doctors at holistic breast cancer treatment centers may recommend various types of alternative breast cancer treatments. Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is one such alternative breast cancer treatment option. Although there are mixed reviews about whether IPT really works for breast cancer, at Gentle Wellness Center in Fairfax, Virginia, we follow a holistic approach that maximizes the potential for recovery by providing an integrative cancer treatment plan. The Integrative Cancer Treatment plan covers other alternative cancer treatment options such as Low Dose Chemotherapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, High Dose Vitamin C IV and Nutrition Therapy which can all serve as standalone treatments or even aid in curing the side effects of traditional cancer treatments.

We provide detox treatments such as lymphatic drainage massages, infrared sauna, Chelation therapy and iconic detox footbath that help in reducing the effects of conventional cancer treatments. Detoxification also acts as an alternative breast cancer cure because when the body gets rid of toxins, it simply slows down and can eventually stop the growth of cancer cells. One of the most widely noted reasons of why patients undergo less pain in alternative breast cancer treatments vs conventional ones is that alternative treatment plans do not use strong pharmaceutical drugs to reduce pain. Gentle Wellness Center located in Fairfax, Virginia provides multiple alternative pain management therapies including K-laser, acupuncture and chiropractic therapy that can help in pain management for breast cancer patients.

So, do alternative breast cancer treatments really work?

Yes, there have been studies that have shown that alternative breast cancer therapies have, by themselves or when used along with traditional medical treatments, helped breast cancer patients to either reduce the cancer cell growth or even heal completely. Feel free to call us with any questions or inquiries at 703-436-1512 about alternative breast cancer treatment plans.