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Myofascial Therapy

What is Myofascial Therapy?

“Myo” means muscle and “fascia” is the connective tissue within the muscle that attaches muscles to ligaments and bones. When the myofascial unit is contracted, tight or damaged, it pulls organs, tissues and bones out of alignment, adversely affecting their ability to function correctly. These restrictions can also cause myofascial pain.

Myofascial therapy consists of gentle manual manipulation, stretching, therapeutic trigger point injections or electrical therapy. Releasing the myofascial tissues allows organs to function freely, without the structural restrictions imposed by tight connective tissue. In many cases, this alone normalizes function and relieves pain.
Benefits of Myofascial Therapy

This treatment technique:

  • Relieves muscle and joint pain throughout the body
  • Adds flexibility
  • Alleviates chronic headache pain
  • Helps the body detoxify
  • Improves digestion and elimination
  • Increases energy and helps reverse aging
  • Helps temporomandibular joint (TMJ) sufferers

Who Benefits?

Myofascial therapy helps anyone — whether old or young, active or inactive — who is in pain, suffers from disease or simply wants to achieve optimal body performance. The ability of this treatment to maximize body functioning makes it particularly popular among athletes. Myofascial therapy is especially effective at slowing and reversing problems associated with aging, is of great help to patients suffering from pain related to diseases of the muscles (such as MS or fibromyalgia), and is beneficial for anyone who has suffered physical trauma or who has undergone surgery.