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Anxiety has increased in modern society due to increased stress and unhealthy dietary and lifestyle practices. Anxiety is a signal that the body is not functioning correctly and may be a precursor to serious diseases.


Anxiety is an “emotional state” ranging from mild uneasiness to intense fear and is characterized by heart palpitations, tightness, a certain amount of pain in several areas, hyperventilation, sweating and possibly dizziness.
Although we all suffer from occasional anxious moments, about 5% of the population suffers from repeated bouts of anxiety.
People suffering from repeated anxiety produce and react to the higher levels of lactic acid. Those suffering from prolonged anxiety have decreased ability to remove these higher levels of lactic acid.
Nutritional factors that contribute to these heightened levels of lactic acid include use of alcohol, caffeine, sugar, Vitamin B deficiency and food allergies.

Therapies for anxiety include prevention, herbal therapies and lifestyle changes:

  • Eliminate or restrict caffeine, alcohol, sugars
  • Eliminate food allergies (see allergy elimination technique AET) or avoid foods that stimulate allergies
  • Healthy, organic diet, increase vegetables
  • Flaxseed oil (increase omega 3)
  • Decrease sodium, increase potassium
  • Reduce sources of stress in life
  • Meditate, increase deep breathing
  • Eliminate incidents and relationships that cause stress
  • Regular exercise
  • Oxygen therapies-hyperbaric, hydrogen peroxide, ozone therapy
  • Kava-45-70 mg, three times per day. Many studies show kava relieves anxiety and helps insomnia.

Dietary and lifestyle changes, detoxification, exercise and increased oxygen consumption are not only help treat anxiety, but are also strong preventative health measures for anyone seeking optimum health.