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Chronic fatigue is characterized as deep, ongoing tiredness. It is the accumulation of several factors that impede the ability of body cells to produce energy. When energy production in enough cells is compromised, it creates an energy shortage in the body as a whole.

Energy is produced by the cell membrane and the mitochondria within the cells through the consumption of electrons. It is a byproduct of a series of chemical reactions with these electrons.

The result of this energy producing process is a molecule called ATP (adenosinetriphoshate)-the stored energy used by the body to perform its physical actions. When energy production is compromised, physiologic reactions proceed more slowly or not at all. Consequently, body functions that use energy are compromised.

Treatment for Chronic Fatigue

Our approach to treating chronic fatigue is a multi-faceted therapy program that includes detoxification and nutrient intake (minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, enzymes and amino acids).

Our goal is to help the body produces more energy and do so more efficiently. Chronic fatigue therapies include IV Vitamin Therapy, colonics, nutrient supplementation, lifestyle counseling, and emotional counseling.