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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis or “MS” has been traditionally thought of as a disease of unknown cause and no cure. The symptoms can be intermittent or chronically progressive. Patients may complain of visual difficulties, balance problems, numbness and tingling, spasticity, paralysis and even pain.

More recently, MS has been called an “auto-immune disorder” meaning that the body begins to attack its own tissues (in this case the nervous system). Integrative medicine sees the possible cause of this “auto-immunity” as being potentially due to food allergies and hidden infections; there are reports of MS patients being helped by specialized diets and certain antibiotics.


MS is diagnosed using an MRI scan, which shows loss of the myelin coating of nerve fibers-a process called “demyelination”.

Natural Treatment

In integrative medicine, patients are evaluated for allergies and various infections. Certain diets have been shown to be helpful and there are supplements that can also help. Stress management and exercise can also improve the patient’s condition.