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Sinusitis is an inflammation and irritation of the sinus membrane that lines the sinuses and can result in the filling of the sinuses with mucous. It can, for example, be an immune and detoxification response to toxins, and microbes, or it can be an allergic response to dust and pollen or foods such as wheat and dairy. Gastrointestinal dysfunction has shown a great correlation with sinusitis.

Symptoms & Associated Problems

  • Clogged sinuses that do not drain
  • Headaches, Runny Nose, Blood Shot Eyes, Tooth Pain, Sleep Disturbance
  • Fullness of Face and Head
  • Compromised Vision and Hearing
  • Compromised Nerve and Immune Function
  • Infection Spreading throughout Body


Due to the fact that chronic infection of the sinuses usually comes from the gut, infected and toxic posterior teeth, or as a response to allergens, treatment should include normalizing gut function (see Gastrointestinal disorders), and eliminating allergies (see allergy elimination).

Additional treatment should include immune boosting therapies, body detoxification (see detoxification), manual sinus-drainage therapies including osteopathy and neurocranial restructuring (pressure to open sinuses for drainage). Not only is it important to treat the sinus infection and congestion but to eliminate the underlying cause of the sinusitis.

Who Benefits?

Natural sinusitis therapies are particularly useful for sufferers whose drugs have stopped being effective or for those who would rather avoid continual drugs or surgery.