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Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Sweating is not only a great way to burn calories, but also get rid of unwanted toxins in the body. Infrared saunas can be a great tool to sweat, and promote natural healing and prevention,especially when you are injured or unable to exercise.

Infrared saunas help release toxins from the body which includes heavy metals like mercury, lead and other environmental chemicals. The benefits also extend to weight loss, relaxation, relief from pain, purifying skin and increase of circulation.

Infrared Sauna Vs. Traditional Sauna

Infrared sauna differs from a traditional sauna in the sense that it uses light to create heat instead of using heat to warm the air, which in turn warms the body. Infrared saunas heat your body without warming the air around you. Infrared saunas are able to get hotter without making the patient uncomfortable and penetrate the body better than traditional saunas. They are also great for people who are too sensitive to heat to reap the benefits of traditional saunas.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

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DETOXIFICATION: Infrared sauna helps in detoxification of the body by heating the body directly which results in the rise in core temperature of the body. This results in deep detoxifying sweat on a cellular level which removes the toxins inside. Compared to traditional saunas, infrared saunas help remove several times more toxins. Detoxifying the body not only improves the immune system of the body, but also helps with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other diseases.

RELAXATION: Infrared saunas operate through gentle therapeutic heat unlike traditional saunas which operate at extremely harsh temperatures. Infrared sauna also helps to balance the cortisol level of the body, and helps you feel relaxed and refreshed after each session.

WEIGHT LOSS: The increase in core temperature by the heat generated by infrared sauna also leads to an increased heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate. Due to this, your body can burn calories, which can result in weight loss while you are relaxing in total comfort. Some studies have shown a 30-minute infrared sauna session to burn roughly 600 calories!

PAIN RELIEF: Another benefit of infrared sauna is that the heat penetrates tissue, joints and muscles which can relieve pains from minor aches to chronic pains from fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions. It can also reduce inflammation, increase circulation and relax muscles to promote pain relief.

LOWERING BLOOD PRESSURE: Infrared saunas promote a deep sweat which induce faster heart rate, increased blood flow and help circulation which leads to lowered blood pressure.

IMPROVED CIRCULATION: Infrared sauna can improve circulation through increased core body temperature to stimulate blood flow which not only increases muscle recovery, but also leads to a decrease in inflammation and pain after intense exercise.

ANTI-AGING: Infrared saunas also provide an anti-aging benefit by healing the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin through near infrared wavelengths. These wavelengths restore a youthful appearance to the skin by stimulating collagen production, improving overall skin tone and reducing wrinkles. This technology can also remove toxins from pores and improve circulation for softer, clearer and healthier looking skin.

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Who Benefits From The Infrared Sauna?

Using the Infrared Sauna benefits virtually everyone and is essential for anyone seeking optimum health. It is perfect for people with chronic illnesses or bad circulation and those looking to detoxify, lose weight, relieve their pain, slow aging, and lower blood pressure.

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Why Do I Need To Detoxify?

The world’s population is being exposed to an ever-increasing array and quantity of toxins. Among these are chemicals, heavy metals, food additives, personal hygiene products, anesthetics and drugs — from caffeine to recreational drugs. When our body is exposed to toxins, our cells and tissues utilize them, excrete them or store them in various tissues and cells of the body.

Stored toxins can damage the cells, tissues and organs they inhabit and alter their function, lower metabolism, cause enzyme dysfunction, create nutritional deficiencies, cause hormone imbalances, decrease energy production and ultimately lower the body’s ability to resist disease. At Gentle Wellness Center, our body-cleanse program helps you remove toxins from your body so you can return to normal health and functioning.

Other Detoxification Treatments Used In Conjunction With Infrared Sauna

Chelation Therapy: Heavy metals interact with the body’s chemistry and mechanics. Chelation therapy is a medical procedure in which the practitioner introduces a chelating agent into the patient’s body, either orally or intravenously. The chelating agent binds to heavy metals. The patient’s body then excretes the bound heavy metals from the body. Learn More About Chelation Therapy

Ionic Detox Foot Bath: The ionic footbath offers a comfortable, relaxing way to rid the body of toxins with little or no stress to the patient. You place your feet in the warm water, turn on the unit and within seconds, millions of ions (positively and negatively charged particles) enter your body through the soles of your feet and begin to neutralize tissue acid waste. The waste is carried out through the pores of your feet, effectively detoxifying the whole body.

Infrared Sauna For Cancer

With the mind/body/spirit connection being so intricately connected, the team here at the Gentle Wellness Center believes in always treating the patient as a whole in order to fully eliminate the cause of an individual’s negative health issue.

To do this we work together to address illnesses like Cancer with multiple therapies that all support each other. The infrared sauna is one of our supportive therapies for cancer.

Recent studies have found that infrared saunas can systematically target cancer cells and slow or halt the spread. Normal cells are immune to infrared radiation; however, cancer cells are hyper-thermically challenged. This means they can be targeted by far-infrared wavelengths, like those in a infrared sauna.