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Ion Detox Footbath

The ionic footbath offers a comfortable, relaxing way to rid the body of toxins with little or no stress to the patient. This detox method:

  • Removes toxins and body waste products
  • Helps clear up skin issues
  • Helps inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi
  • Assists in weight loss due to removal of toxins
  • Relieves headaches due to toxin removal
  • Improves body flexibility
  • Helps remove heavy metals
  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps relieve pain and tension in the body
  • Improves sleep quality

How the Ion Detox Foot Spa Works

You place your feet in the warm water, turn on the unit and within seconds, millions of ions (positively and negatively charged particles) enter your body through the soles of your feet and begin to neutralize tissue acid waste. The waste is carried out through the pores of your feet, effectively detoxifying the whole body. The particles of fat and mucous residue found in the water after bathing reflect the wastes that have left the body. This is the most gentle and most effective way to detox.

Following a series of treatments, which bring about a remarkable release of toxic materials that can be seen in the footbath water, the treated person generally experiences a sense of heightened well-being and energy enhancement. Each footbath treatment lasts 30 minutes.
The water changes color while using the bath. Each color represents something different:

  • Black Flakes: Heavy metals
  • Black/Gray Foam: Alcohol, tobacco residue
  • Brown/Amber: Liver, fat waste, cellular debris issues
  • Green: Gallbladder, kidneys, bladder, urinary or female system issues
  • Red: Thrombus (blood clotting), easy bruising
  • Yellow Green: Digestive system issues
  • Orange: Joint issues such as arthritis or rheumatism
  • White Bubbles: Lymph system overload, yeast issues

Colon Hydrotherapist & Ionic FootBath Therapy, Detoxification ProgramCertified Colonic Hygiene Technician

Teresa Owens is a certified colon hydrotherapist who also works with ion detox footbath therapy. She specializes in detoxification and weight loss. Her goal is to help effectively eliminate toxins from the body in a natural way so you can experience optimal health.

With the increasing exposure of toxins, petrochemical, heavy metals and other chemicals in the environment, a regular detoxification program including colon hydrotherapy and ion detox footbath therapy is beneficial to everyone. Colon Hydrotherapy, also referred to as colonics, is a therapeutic procedure that uses filtered water to gently cleanse the large intestine or colon. It helps remove accumulated waste, mucus, bacteria, gas, and other toxic matter by hydrating, softening, loosening and rinsing the walls of the colon. The Ion Detox Foot Bath gently detoxifies the body of pesticides, heavy metals, nicotine and other toxins through a unique and relaxing 30-minute foot treatment.

After cleansing the body it is equally important to help your body to rebuild healthy blood cells and boost the immune system. Teresa believes that when the body has been cleansed and rebuilt with healthy foods, the pounds melt away and we have the tools to ward off disease.