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Dr.Jonathan Hickson, MD/MPH originally from Brooklyn, New York, now resides in the Northern Virginia area. Dr. Hickson graduated from both Boston University School of Medicine and School of Public Health before working the last few years at the GW Center of Integrative Medicine in Washington DC.

He is an integrative medicine provider that believes in a holistic approach to patient’s ailments. Often sites the combination of losing several family members to preventable health conditions which includes cancers and strokes, as well as having both parents who were licensed social workers as his impetus for his unwavering commitment for patient success.

Dr. Hickson greatly values the rapport he establishes and shares with his patients, as he believes in the power of patient medical education and advocacy to accomplish people’s desired healthcare goals. The standard practice of providing pharmacologic based care is often ineffective in establishing true therapeutic bonds between the provider and the patient. Through true partnership with patients, people can be empowered to have better understanding and control of their health and life.

People in need, deserve someone who is actually able to understand how their physiological, psychological, nutritional, and environmental factors influence their health.