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Why Gentle Wellness?

At Gentle Wellness Center – a premier alternative cancer treatment center on the east coast – we believe that effective cancer treatment involves more than just addressing symptoms and tumors; we believe that physicians must also detect and eliminate the underlying cause(s) in order to better achieve a non-recurrent outcome.Assessing each underlying cause of a patient’s cancer and eliminating each cause will make the body’s systems and biochemistry stronger and more effective at fighting the cancer.Underlying causes of cancer include toxins, infections, nutrient deficiencies or excesses, emotional or stress issues, energetic disturbances, or genetic imprints on the DNA from illness in previous generations.

Benefits of Alternative Cancer Treatments

Our alternative cancer treatments options are intended, when possible, to treat underlying causes rather than symptoms to help achieve a more permanent resolution. Alternative cancer treatments utilize solutions that minimally compromise other aspects of your health while treating the cancer.


Less side effects from treatment


Strengthen your immune system instead of destroying it with Chemo


Be able to live your life normally during treatments

Potential Cancer Contributors


Nutritional deficiencies should be corrected. We encourage patients to take in essential amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, water, essential fatty acids, electrolytes, and unprocessed sugars.


We identify the source of toxins in your environment – your home or workplace – or in your body, whether that means the oral cavity, gut, organs, or tissues.


Bacteria, viruses, fungi/yeast, mycoplasma, and other organisms can cause infections. We eliminate the source of these microbes and transform the body’s inner terrain into one that promotes the growth of only healthy microbes.

Emotional Issues

Everyday emotional stresses and our emotional history can compromise the body’s systems, especially the immune and autonomic nervous systems. Helpful stress-relieving techniques may include meditation, yoga, stress management, psychoneurobiology, family constellation therapy, and Tapas acupressure.

Our Services 

Services from a wide variety of medical fields

Direct Tumor Therapies

When combined with adjunctive therapies that stimulate the body to more productively combat a tumor or cancer, direct-tumor therapy can be very effective.

IPT Therapy

An experimental therapy developed by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, is a very low-dose chemotherapy (2 to 10 percent the standard dosage) preceded by a glucose stimulating hormone.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

During hyperbaric oxygen therapy bodily fluids like the plasma in your blood to absorb much larger quantities of oxygen, notably increasing oxygen uptake by the cells, tissues, glands, organs, and brain.

Nutritional Therapy

Establishing a diet that is rich in cancer-fighting vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and low in compounds that increase cancer risks is essential to support IPT Cancer Treatments and other alternative cancer therapies.

High Dose Vitamin C Therapy

Elevating vitamin C levels to 70 to 100 times higher than oral vitamin C, IV therapy has been shown to kill cancer cells. Intravenous treatments help kick naturally-occurring hydrogen peroxide into high gear, where it acts as an oxidant, destroying both cancer and other foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. Learn More About IV Vitamin C

Far Infrared Light Therapy

Utilizing therapeutic light rays, far infrared light therapy (infrared sauna) detoxifies and heals the body while stimulating healthy effects in both the body and the mind.

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