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  1. gentlewc

    We are driven by a mission to empower consumers and practitioners both through education, training, and research.

  2. LeeAnn Dance - Colon Hydrotherapy Patient

    The treatment I’ve received from Ms. Owens has significantly improved my health and well-being. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  3. Lily C. - Comprehensive Cancer Care Patient

    I attend this center for vitamin C IV infusions and massage as ancillary treatments for cancer. I find the staff very kind and helpful and the treatments boost my immune system, helping me feel better as I progress through chemotherapy. If you are seeking support treatments for cancer, I would recommend a consult to see if the center is a good fit for your needs.

  4. Bob S. - Laser Therapy and Chiropractic Patient

    In 1980, I fractured my T-8/T-9 vertebrae, and the fracture caused incomplete paraplegia from that point on. I was extremely fortunate to regain the ability to get back up on my two feet and walk again; however, the worst part of the accident was the paresthesia, very irritating constant pins and needles in my right leg and foot.

    They suggested laser therapy as a treatment to decrease the paresthesia, and after just a few treatments I’m happy to say that after 20 years of saying ‘if I could just get rid of the pins and needles,’ the laser treatments are making my life much more comfortable.

    Thank you. I recommend laser therapy for those who suffer from nerve disorders.

  5. Jessie L - Laser Therapy & Chiropractic Patient

    Great benefits from the progressive techniques for culturing improved spine and neck conditions as well as diminishing pain with low-level laser therapy.

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