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Low-Dose Chemotherapy Or Metronomic Chemotherapy (MCT)

Low Dose Chemotherapy

There is a new treatment on the horizon. Low-dose chemotherapy is a gentle, evenly measured approach to administering chemotherapy.

Research conducted by leading oncology journals suggests that results from low-dose chemotherapy are superior to standard chemotherapy in treating many forms of cancer. An added and crucial benefit of low-dose therapy is the opportunity for treatment to be administered on a daily schedule, often referred to as metronomic chemotherapy.

While traditional chemotherapy may be administered once weekly with lasting side effects, this daily low-dose metronomic therapy is well tolerated and has been shown to interrupt the angiogenic process, prohibiting new blood vessels from forming and, in turn, slowing tumor growth in patients. Low-dose chemo can be administered by itself or as part of the Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT).

Benefits of Low-Dose Chemotherapy

A further benefit of this metronomic approach pertains to cancer drugs, which can become ineffective in treating tumor cells that have developed a resistance to and are unresponsive to these drugs. High-dose, traditional chemotherapy often targets these unresponsive cells, failing to halt tumor growth and further damaging the immune system.

Low-dose chemotherapy possesses the unique ability to target all cells, including endothelial cells that have not yet become resistant to cancer drugs. This effectively halts or suppresses tumor growth while leaving the patient’s immune system intact.

To simplify, low-dose chemotherapy is able to address cancer cell and tumor growth in a way that standard chemotherapy does not, and can target cancer cells that have adapted to treatment in a way that traditional therapy cannot.

Possible Benefits to the Immune System

When the body is fighting cancer, T cells (or T regulatory cells) play a role in suppressing the immune system. metronomic therapy has been found to be extremely effective in killing or regulating these T cells.

Unlike traditional chemotherapy, which attacks the immune system, low-dose chemotherapy can boost the immune system and carries little risk of side effects, while being as effective as the conventional approach.

The alternative cancer treatment protocol offered at Gentle Wellness Center is ideal for patients seeking a more holistic or less invasive approach to cancer treatment. For more information on low-dose chemotherapy in northern Virginia, contact the Gentle Wellness Center today!