Alternative Treatments For Cancer

An Alternative Medicinal Solution

If you are a cancer patient and you get tired of conventional treatments and you are looking for the best alternative treatments for any stage of your cancer, we are here to help you out. Read the article till the end I will discuss in detail what exactly the cancer is, what are its causes, how you can treat this ailment, and most importantly what alternative treatments we are offering. So, let’s get started.

What is cancer? and what causes cancer?

Cancer is described as uncontrolled growth and division of cells caused by some cellular changes. As the death of older cells and their replacement with newer cells is a natural as well as a beneficial phenomenon but cancerous cells lack the signals that instruct them to die or stop dividing due to which they consume oxygen and other nutrients that nourish other cells as a result cancer cells impair the immune system and also cause various changes due to which bodies can’t function properly.

There is not a single and exact cause of cancer, rather researchers claim that patients can inherit mutations from their ancestors that lead to cancers sometimes but mostly mutations that develop cancers occur due to several reasons that include smoking, radiations, carcinogens exposure, obesity, chronic inflammation, hormones, and unhealthy lifestyle, etc.

How to treat cancer in the best way?

More than 367,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed annually in the UK alone. These new patients are joining ranks of billion of others who are already a part of this battle, hoping to get better. Due to advanced screening techniques, raising awareness, more effective treatment plans, and alternative therapies a great decrease in the mortality rate of cancer patients had been seen but cancer rates continue to grow.

The most common ways used for cancer treatment include chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Others include laser, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, etc.

Alternative cancer treatments

Alternative treatments are gaining popularity due to their effectiveness in cancer treatment. Alternative therapies may not help the patients to cure cancer directly, but they can assist to cope with signs and symptoms that result from cancer and cancer treatments.

Conventional Cancer treatment on regular basis leads to many side effects like fatigue, anxiety, hypertension, pain, vomiting, and irregular sleep cycle, etc. on the other hand alternative treatments produce fewer side effects and they also assist to elevate the cancer symptoms.

Alternative therapies like infrared sauna and allopathic approaches offered at gentle wellness center lower the level of stress that is the main cause of mortality in cancer patients and also make the body capable to fight against cancer cells by boosting the immune system. There are almost six alternative therapies that gentle wellness center is offering for the treatment of cancer patients I will discuss four of them in detail below.

  1. Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT)

As chemotherapy is a proven way to heal cancer but it causes several side effects including blisters, hair loss, fatigue, infections, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. In the early 1930s a Mexican medical doctor, Donato Perez Garcia developed Insulin potentiation therapy, which is an effective experimental procedure for the treatment of painful side effects of repeated chemotherapy rounds.

During IPT treatment for cancer, insulin is administered into the patient which causes low sugar level in the body, normal cells start utilizing fats for energy but cancer cells require sugar they open their membranes to get glucose in response to insulin. When membranes of cancer cells are opened a low amount of chemotherapy drugs are also administered along with glucose. Cancer cells absorb glucose as well as drugs which poisoned the cancer cells and killed them without harming normal cells much.

  1. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy:

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy proves to be useful in enhancing other cancer treatments and recovering radiation therapy side effects. this procedure involves breathing pure O2 under a highly pressurized setting. As oxygen stimulates the release of stem cells, growth factors, and assists to fight bacteria and infections, in case of an increased level of oxygen the healing process becomes faster which is best for cancer patients who undergo serious injuries and wounds during radiation therapy and surgeries. This treatment is also used for targeted drug delivery to cancer cells.

  1. High dosage of vitamin C

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant at high dosage it helps to increase hydrogen peroxide level that is an oxidant which kills cancer cells as well as harmful invaders like bacteria and viruses through the process of oxidation. Vitamin C therapy only targets the cancerous cells and foreign invaders, but the question is how they distinguish between healthy and defective cells? The answer is catalase, it is an enzyme that neutralizes the effects of oxidation in healthy cells, but tumor cells lack catalase, so they are killed by oxidants.

  1. Infrared sauna therapy

Infrared Saunas heat the body, cause fever and improve circulation, which assists the body to remove trouble-causing toxic substances like harmful chemicals, metals, dead cancer tissues, and support oxygenation and nutrition of tissues. In an infrared sauna, temperature ranges from 110 F to 130 F within the chamber to warm the body. Exposing to infrared light a patient sweat like he never sweats before and releases all toxic that his body has pent up.

Infrared sauna therapy selectively and effectively kills cancer cells and eradicate them inside the body without harming normal cells. In a way,  normal body cells are immune to infrared radiations, but cancer cells are not, and they cannot withstand the hyperthermic effect of these radiations. Through this therapy, a patient feels healthier, relaxed and it often enhances the metabolism as well.

Final verdict

If you are fighting the cancer battle, don’t lose hope you are not alone, find the best treatment for yourself and we the gentle wellness center is here to assist you by providing the best possible alternative treatments under the supervision of our qualified and expert physicians. Feel free to contact us.

And please remember one thing, not every therapy is best for every cancer patient, the above-listed treatments are a few of the most effective alternative treatments. Choose the one for your ailment stage and type according to the physician’s recommendation.