1. Health & Wellness Tips For Fall

    The lush green trees are slowly turning to yellow and orange, the hot days are slowly turning cooler with chilly mornings. Schools and colleges have started, and life is getting busier. With the start of fall season, our lifestyles and routines also change and keeping up with the transition from summer to fall and then fall to winter can become difficult. It is challenging for many of us to mainta…Read More

  2. All Your Acupuncture Questions Answered

    By Monica Zhou, LAc Monica is a Licensed Acupuncturist within the Pain Management Program at the Gentle Wellness Center. In this article, we ask our acupuncturist, Muyu Zhou, frequently asked questions on acupuncture. A lot of us have many questions related to acupuncture ranging from whether its painful to what does it treat. For some of us, acupuncture even feels scary ! Let's get all our questi…Read More

  3. September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month – Let’s Learn More About Blood Cancers

    September is the blood cancer awareness month. Many of us are not aware of what is blood cancer is and are confused about differences between its types and sub-types. Learn about blood cancer below and call our office to get consultation for yourself or for a loved one who suffers from blood cancer. Dr Jones, the Medical Director of Cancer Program here at Gentle Wellness Center has worked with man…Read More

  4. Nutrition and Cancer Q&A

    By Jessica Christie, N.D., C.N.S. Jessica Christie is a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutrition Specialist within the Naturopathic Medicine Program at Gentle Wellness Center. We ask Dr. Christie a few basic, but important questions about nutrition for cancer patients in order to understand the correct way to approach food and nutrition. Nutrition and diet is a great way to treat cancer in conj…Read More

  5. Lymphatic Drainage Massage Explained

    By Peter Shin, LMT, LMBT, CLT Peter Shin is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist within the Alternative Pain Management program at Gentle Wellness Center. What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage? Differently types of massages can be used to relieve pain but each massage offers specific kind of benefits. Lymphatic drainage massage is forma…Read More

  6. Dr Jones-functional medicine cancer treatment

    No chemotherapy, Doc!

    By Dr Joseph Shaw Jones, M.D. Dr Jones is the medical director for Gentle Wellness Center’s alternative cancer treatment program, which includes infusion services and the IPT for cancer. It’s not an uncommon request here at Gentle Wellness Center, an integrative cancer care clinic. Having researched many integrative cancer care clinic websites, perused natural cancer cure blogs and flush with …Read More

  7. Root Causes of Poor Gut Health

    Most naturopaths, functional medicine doctors and even some conventional doctors believe and emphasize the fact that gut health or colon health is what determines your overall health. The actual cause of long-term inflammation lies inside the gut. Gut health also determines the quality of our immune system. With so much research going on with the gut microbiome, the importance of good gut bacteria…Read More

  8. Miracle Herbs & Spices That Fight Cancer

    Herbs and spices not only make food more aromatic, but they also make food healthy and taste better by adding the kick to it. Consumption of herbs and spices has been a part of many ancient diets. Oncology researchers and other scientists have been studying various plants, fruits, herbs and spices to determine their healing properties and many of these have demonstrated their miracle healing power…Read More

  9. Hormones and Cancer Connection

    Hormones determine a lot for the human body. They are the strongest of the agents that determine the quality of growth, digestion, immune systems, weight, moods and which diseases and conditions you may be prone to. Hormone metabolism is the way in which we process different hormones. In relation to cancer, we usually associate hormones only with cancers such as the breast and the ovarian cancers …Read More

  10. Importance of Sleep for Cancer Patients

    With or without cancer, sleep is very important for good health. Creating a good sleeping habit is one of the first steps towards achieving your health goals - be it weight loss, improving stamina or even getting rid of major health conditions. As kids, we may remember our parents and caregivers trying hard to put us to bed and making sure we slept well. This did not just mean sleeping well for a …Read More