1. Nutrition To Support Recovery

    Using Nutrition to Support Recovery

    Did you know 1 in 4 addicts is malnourished and half are vitamin and iron deficient? Recovery is hard enough, but when you add nutritional deficiencies on top of that it can make recovery feel impossible. Here at Gentle Wellness Center our Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and Naturopathic doctor is passionate about using nutrition to help support recovery. How Does Addiction Cause Nutritional …Read More

  2. laser-therapy

    High Power Laser Therapy vs. Cold Laser Therapy

    Navigating the world of laser therapy can be confusing and difficult. With all different names and terms out there like low level laser therapy, cold level laser therapy, and high-power laser therapy, therapeutic lasers and more, it is easy for patients to get overwhelmed and not know which treatment or laser is right for them. We’re here to clear up the confusion and help you navigate the world…Read More

  3. benefits of fiber

    6 Benefits Of Fiber

    Fiber plays an essential role in your digestive system so it’s of no surprise that getting enough fiber in your daily diet would lead to numerous benefits. However, most Americans still don't get nearly enough fiber. According to Mayo clinic, adults need 20 to 30 grams or more of fiber a day but most American don’t even get close to 15 grams daily.  Read on to learn what benefits you could be…Read More

  4. why we don't take insurance

    Why Gentle Wellness Center Is Out Of Network – Reasons We Don’t Accept Insurance

    The U.S. healthcare system is broken, and a big part of the problem is how insurance companies do business.  It’s a profit driven business model that has little to do with caring for people. Instead of promoting real and lasting health, in the U.S. it’s actually a sick care system, which interferes with what many doctors would like to do in the best and most expedient interests of their patie…Read More

  5. Naturopathic Doctor

    Why Choose A Naturopathic Doctor?

    Naturopathic Medicine is a system that emphasizes prevention, treatment, and optimal health through therapeutic methods and natural substances that promote self-healing. Often overlooked by the public, Naturopathic Doctors are a great option for patients that are struggling to find affordable and effective health care. If you’re not sure if a Naturopathic Doctor would be a good fit for you read …Read More

  6. Infrared Sauna Benefits

    9 Infrared Sauna Benefits

    Infrared saunas give off heat that surrounds you and penetrates deeply into your joints, muscles, and tissues leading to an array of benefits. Many clients prefer infrared saunas over traditional saunas since the heat isn’t as overwhelming and because infrared sauna sessions come with an array of benefits. Read on to learn 9 ways you could benefit from using an infrared sauna. Infrared Sauna Ben…Read More

  7. Magnesium Deficiency

    Magnesium Deficiency – Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

    It’s estimated that less than 2% of Americans experience magnesium deficiency; however, many believe this is incorrect and magnesium deficiency is severely under-diagnosed. The most obvious signs of Magnesium deficiency don’t typically appear until your levels become severely low, which may be why the deficiency is diagnosed in less than 2% of Americans even though a recent study found that 75…Read More

  8. Alternative Sciatica Treatment

    Alternative Sciatica Treatments – Drug & Surgery Free Sciatica Relief

    Sciatica treatment can vary depending on the severity of the pain and if it's chronic; however, many sciatica suffers are forced to turn to pain medication and surgery for relief.  Although these are the common sciatica pain treatments here at Gentle Wellness Center, we do not believe they are the best options. At our center we prefer a gentler touch. Many of our sciatica patients find relief usi…Read More

  9. colon hydrotherapy for bloating and weight loss

    Colon Hydrotherapy to Reset Overall Health & Weight Loss

    If you experience irritating and persistent symptoms like belly bloating, fatigue, and headaches, you may benefit from colon hydrotherapy to reset your overall health. We've talked about Colon hydrotherapy before, but to recap Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle cleansing of your colon that can provide you with relief from symptoms like bloating, fatigue, and headaches, as well as a flatter stomach. Be…Read More

  10. migraine and fibromyalgia

    Fibromyalgia Worsens Depression and Migraine Symptoms

    Patients with fibromyalgia exhibit increased severity in migraine headaches and an increased rate of depression related disability, according to a study published by The Journal of Headache and Pain. Migraine is a debilitating condition that is commonly found among fibromyalgia patients, with between 18 and 35 percent of fibromyalgia patients being affected by migraine headaches. The quality of li…Read More