Breast Cancer: How It Is Diagnosed

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Breast Cancer: How It Is Diagnosed

Breast cancer, among the many types of cancer, is the second most common cancer diagnosed in women. Although it also afflicts men, more women suffer from this ailment. Once diagnosed with breast cancer, you will have to go through a series of chemotherapies and medication routines. You can even opt to seek options for alternative pain management in Virginia.

Diagnosing breast cancer requires a doctor to do tests. Here are the most common tests one has to undergo:

  • Breast Ultrasound
    When people hear the term “ultrasound,” the first thing that comes to mind is evaluating pregnant women’s health. However, it is not only a machine that can make a detailed sonogram of the inside of the womb. It can also be used to check the areas inside the breast.
  • Diagnostic Mammogram
    You will be asked to undergo a mammogram if the doctor suspects that you have breast problems, such as a lump or an abnormal breast. The mammogram is similar to the X-Ray but only for the breast. It will allow the doctor to confirm his initial findings.

Don’t just brush it off when you feel pain around your breast area. Even if you go to nearby naturopathic physicians in Fairfax, Virginia, for pain treatment, they will still recommend you to get diagnosed if they suspect you have breast cancer. The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the higher your chances of recovering.

Gentle Wellness Center, together with our natural healing and alternative pain treatments such as colon hydrotherapy, encourages you to get regular checkups for breast cancer. Early diagnosis can save your life!