1. Hormones and Cancer Connection

    Hormones determine a lot for the human body. They are the strongest of the agents that determine the quality of growth, digestion, immune systems, weight, moods and which diseases and conditions you may be prone to. Hormone metabolism is the way in which we process different hormones. In relation to cancer, we usually associate hormones only with cancers such as the breast and the ovarian cancers …Read More

  2. Importance of Sleep for Cancer Patients

    With or without cancer, sleep is very important for good health. Creating a good sleeping habit is one of the first steps towards achieving your health goals - be it weight loss, improving stamina or even getting rid of major health conditions. As kids, we may remember our parents and caregivers trying hard to put us to bed and making sure we slept well. This did not just mean sleeping well for a …Read More

  3. Why Should You Consider an Alternative Cancer Treatment Center?

    It is a widely known fact that conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy involve killing the healthy cells, causing the immune system to suffer and become weaker. This in turn causes the cancer cells to become stronger and that is why although we see many patients in remission or recovering from cancer, they eventually get it back. Patients keep doing multiple rounds of chemotherapy and …Read More

  4. Get Rid of Your Misconceptions About Chiropractic Treatment

    Getting your back or neck “fixed” with a chiropractor has become very common today. People are now more aware about alternative therapies such as physiotherapy, Yoga, Pilates, chiropractic treatment and other type of therapies that can heal without having to undergo surgeries. Most good doctors also advise patients to undergo physiotherapy before considering surgeries. However, doctors also of…Read More

  5. Should Humans Eat Meat?

    As a center for holistic and integrative medicine specializing in alternative cancer treatments, our doctors and therapists are frequently asked whether eating meat is good for health. A lot of times, the subject of meat eating comes up when we think, talk and read about cancers, clean eating, healing, naturopathy and detoxification. Diets such as the Paleo diets have become famous today because t…Read More

  6. Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments – Do they Work?

    There have been a lot of advancements in the treatment options for breast cancer. Conventional treatments for breast cancer range from surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and anti-hormone therapies. Although the traditional methods of treating breast cancer are widely recommended by oncologists, many patients who believe that chemicals and drugs do more harm than being real cures, opt for alternative…Read More

  7. Treating PCOS with Acupuncture 1

    Treating PCOS Naturally With Acupuncture

    PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a condition where women produce higher than normal male hormones causing an imbalance. This imbalance can cause issues with the menstrual cycle, weight management, insulin sensitivity and a number of other issues. PCOS is a common endocrine and metabolic disorder that can be hard to treat. Typical treatment includes hormonal birth control and metformin; howeve…Read More

  8. Functional Medicine Doctors

    Functional Medicine Doctors: What Makes Them So Special?

    Unhappy With Traditional Doctors? Our Functional Medicine Doctors Will Work With You To Help You Get The Results You Want! According to the CDC, 90% of health care costs in the US are due to chronic lifestyle diseases. Functional medicine works to reduce this number by treating the person not the disease or the symptoms. Here at Gentle Wellness Center our Functional Medicine Doctors and Alternati…Read More

  9. Reduce Side Effects From Chemotherapy and Radiation

    Reduce Side Effects of Chemotherapy & Radiation

    Complementary and alternative medicine is a safe and effective way to manage cancer pain and reduce side effects from chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy. If you or a loved one is suffering from side effects such as nausea and vomiting, pain, fatigue, anxiety/depression, malnutrition, weight loss, weakened immune system, constipation, brain fog, or lack of mobility, we ca…Read More

  10. Nutrition To Support Recovery

    Using Nutrition to Support Recovery

    Did you know 1 in 4 addicts is malnourished and half are vitamin and iron deficient? Recovery is hard enough, but when you add nutritional deficiencies on top of that it can make recovery feel impossible. Here at Gentle Wellness Center our Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and Naturopathic doctor is passionate about using nutrition to help support recovery. How Does Addiction Cause Nutritional …Read More