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How Does Chiropractic Treatment Work?

Nerves attached to various organs and tissues exit from the spinal cord at varying points along the vertebral column. If impingements or stresses exist in the spinal column and/or connecting muscles, nerve function is impeded and the corresponding organs and tissues are adversely affected. At our chiropractic care center, practitioners treat these vertebral and muscular impingements by manipulating or altering the structure. Once these impingements are eliminated, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is re-established.

Although the basic focus of chiropractic care is treating impingements (subluxations) upon the nerves, many chiropractors integrate other areas of therapy to help promote and maintain the results of their chiropractic adjustments. These may include nutritional therapies, stress management, detoxification and other manual therapies, such as therapeutic massage.

At Gentle Wellness Center, our chiropractor first takes the medical history of the patients. After that, they perform a physical examination, which sometimes leads to lab tests or diagnostic imaging through that they determine if treatment is suitable for your back pain. Our chiropractors incorporate nutritional counseling and exercises, depending on the patient’s treatment plan. Our main goal is the restoration of function and improvement of range and quality of motion.

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