The colon–also known as the large intestine–is one of the most important parts of your body, with several critical functions. It absorbs water and nutrients, contributes to the digestive process, and fosters a population of beneficial bacteria known as probiotics.

It also balances pH levels within your body, suppresses harmful microbes like yeast, and plays a key role in ridding your body of toxic waste.

If the colon becomes blocked, often because of an accumulation of waste, then harmful substances like dead cells, disease-causing microbes, and toxins can build up and become reabsorbed by the body.

The consequences of this blockage can seriously impact your health, from reducing nutrient absorption and your ability to heal to contributing to a chronic illness.

What Is Colon Hydrotherapy?

The Gentle Wellness Center in Fairfax, Virginia is dedicated to helping you stay healthy and active, which is why we offer colon hydrotherapy. The procedure may also be known as a colonic or a colon cleanse, and it’s a safe, effective way to detoxify your colon.

You don’t need to use drugs or laxatives to reduce the waste building up in your large intestine. Instead, colon hydrotherapy can help your body naturally restore its healing power and return you to optimal health.

Why Try a Colon Cleanse?

Accumulated waste in the colon can block the normal flow of waste through your system, preventing those toxic materials from leaving your body. It can also prevent proper nutrient absorption and produce toxins that are reabsorbed by the body. You can avoid these consequences with colon hydrotherapy.

Colon hydrotherapy is an established, very effective technique that washes away waste accumulation and other deposits from the opening and interior walls of the colon by introducing clean water through the anus.

It can help you regain or retain your good health. After the colon cleanse, you’ll have a properly functioning large intestine that is free of toxins and ready to once again foster the growth of beneficial bacteria, or probiotics.

You should schedule colon cleanses regularly to address the typical retention of toxins and fecal debris. If you don’t, these materials can remain inside your body and reintroduce harmful substances to your body that can stress many organ systems, including your liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system.

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

The detoxification that comes with a colonic can have a widespread, positive impact on your life.

Not only can it reduce the symptoms and drawbacks of several conditions, such as constipation, digestive distress, leaky bowel syndrome, gas, and bloating, but it can help you feel better in everything you do. Some benefits you may experience include:

  • More energy
  • Reduced brain fog
  • Improved nutrient absorption
  • More control over your body weight
  • A better hormone balance
  • A stronger immune system

A cleansed colon can finally return to its normal functions, including encouraging the growth of beneficial probiotics, regaining a healthy mucosal lining, and effectively eliminating waste.

If the patient chooses to commit to improved nutrition and good colon health, they can experience all the benefits of better overall health.

Who Can Benefit From a Colonic?

If you want to optimize your health, then you could likely benefit from regularly scheduled colon cleanses. Colon hydrotherapy has the ability to offer positive results for almost everyone, but the procedure can be especially helpful to those more prone to accumulated toxins, such as those who regularly eat meat, processed foods, and/or harmful or toxic substances.

It’s also a therapy that those suffering from chronic health problems or disease can turn to for relief.

What to Expect During Colon Cleanse

The key to any colon cleanse procedure is colonic irrigation. Filtered water is introduced into the rectum, loosening fecal matter and debris and allowing them to be excreted.

To cleanse the full five feet of colon found in the average adult, several sessions will be needed. Once the accumulated waste has been cleared of your system, the colon will be able to fully heal.

Maintain Your Colon Health

As we mentioned, colonics should be a regular part of your health routine in order to make the most of its positive effects. There are also a few other steps you can take toward better colon health, like adjusting your diet and lifestyle.

Here are a few factors you should concentrate on if you’re ready to make a change:

  • Committing to a whole-food, high-fiber diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains
  • Nourishing the probiotics within your system
  • Maintaining the mucosal lining of your gut to defend against toxins and harmful bacteria
  • Building adequate muscle tone in the walls of your gut to eliminate waste
  • Striving for regular waste elimination
  • Ensuring the positive function of your autonomic nervous system in regulating gut function