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According to the CDC, 90% of health care costs in the US are due to chronic lifestyle diseases. Functional medicine works to reduce this number by treating the person not the disease or the symptoms. Here at Gentle Wellness Center our Functional Medicine Doctors and Alternative Health Care Professionals will work will you to treat/cure your condition while improving your overall health and wellness.

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine uses a systems-oriented approach and works with the patient to find the underlying cause of the disease or chronic issue they are suffering from.

Benefits of Functional Medicine:

  • Functional Medicine incorporates latest scientific research to understand the effect environmental and lifestyle factors have on the emergence of the disease, progression of the disease, and severity of symptoms.
  • Functional Medicine gets to the root cause of the issue. Traditional medicine only treats symptoms, but functional medicine goes farther to discover the root cause and treat that, thus eliminating the symptoms as well.
  • Functional Medicine prescribes a personalized, holistic plan. This plan will take into account lifestyle changes and proven alternative methods to remove the obstacles keeping your body from repairing and healing itself.
  • Functional Medicine treatments have very few side effects and are less risky than drugs or surgery.
  • Functional Medicine empowers patients to participate in their healthcare. Functional medicine doctors work with you to educate and empower so that you can become an active participant in the management of your health.
  • Functional Medicine costs less in the long run. Functional medicine doctors typically don’t take insurance, so it seems as though it costs more to see them but in the long run it costs less. Traditional medicine doctors will refer you from specialist to specialist that don’t listen to you, will constantly run different kinds of test/bloodwork, and prescribe expensive medication that you will have to take for the rest of your life. Even with insurance this can add up to thousands of dollars. Functional medicine doctors will work towards getting you better so that you can stop using medication and stop having regular doctor visits. They will prescribe lifestyle changes that cost little to nothing, and alternative methods such as acupuncture/chiropractic care that you will only have to do for a short period of time. In the long run this turns out to be less expensive!

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Difference Between Traditional Medicine & Functional Medicine

  • Traditional Medicine
    • Focuses On Disease
    • Doctor & Insurance Centered
    • Everyone Receives The Same Treatment
    • Specialized & Compartmentalized
    • Expensive
    • Treats Symptoms
    • Focuses On Early Detection
  • Functional Medicine
    • Focuses On Overall Health
    • Patient Centered
    • Treatment Customized By Biochemical Individuality & Lifestyle Patterns
    • Holistic, Treats The Whole Person
    • Cost Effective In The Long Run
    • Treats Underlying Causes
    • Focuses on Prevention

Difference Between Integrative & Functional Medicine

Integrative medicine combines practices and treatments from alternative medicine with traditional medicine. Functional medicine does that as well, but they also focus on treating the person as a whole and identifying the root cause of the issue.

The good thing about Gentle Wellness Center, is that we combine both integrative and functional medicine! Our doctors and practitioners use traditional medicine and proven alternative methods, to get to the root cause of the issue and holistically treat our patients.

Our Functional Medicine Doctors:


Medical Director, Cancer Program

Board Certified Internal Medicine

Joseph Shaw Jones, M.D., is the medical director for Gentle Wellness Center’s alternative cancer treatment program, which includes infusion services and the IPT Therapy program. He also oversees the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber and provides general internal medicine services at Gentle Wellness Center.

A native of North Carolina, Dr. Jones graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in 1984 where he was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. He subsequently completed his Internal Medicine residency and Gastroenterology fellowship at Wake Forest University Medical Center, and practiced as a clinical gastroenterologist for 10 years. Dr. Jones remains board eligible in the discipline. He is also a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) and the European Academy for IPT.

Among the services Dr. Jones provides at Gentle Wellness:

  • Cancer treatment (IPT, high dose vitamin c)
  • Chelation therapy
  • General internal medicine
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)

Dr. Jones seeks the best combination of conventional therapies and alternative cancer treatments in a truly integrative fashion. He recognizes that time spent talking with his patients and family members, explaining the sometimes complex health issues that are present, is time well spent. He is an advocate of a patient’s right to decide what goes in to their bodies, and believes that a well-informed patient supported by a caring practitioner can make better choices in their medical care.

All of our practitioners operate under the philosophy of functional medicine and work to find the root cause of the issue and how the bodily systems interact with one another. To learn more about our Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Colon Hydrotherapist, and other practitioners check out our Meet Our Doctors page.