How To Fix Neck and Back Pain

If you are suffering from back and neck pain and you want to study this ailment you are at the right place I will discuss in detail what exactly this disease is, what are its causes, what preventive measures you can take, and what treatments we are offering to relieve back and neck aches.

What is back and neck pain?

Back pain is very common nowadays. It ranges from acute short-term pain that lasts for a few days or few weeks to chronic pain that lasts for 12 weeks or longer. Back pain restricts your movement and it badly affects the quality of a person’s life and normal functioning.

Neck pain is also a common complaint and it occurs in the region of your neck called cervical vertebrae. As your neck supports your head and because of its motion range, neck can be subject to injuries and conditions that are a source of pain and movement restriction.

Both the back and the neck pain can get worse and further restrict your movements if you do not do anything for your pains. Visit the physician and one important tip is never stop movement in fear of pain try to move your muscles it will prevent the muscles from further locking to some extent.

What causes back and neck pain?

A single or exact cause of back and neck pain is not known till now. There are several causes associated with this ailment. Some of them are listed below.

  • Improper or overuse of muscles, repetitive lifting of something that is heavy limits the motion and causes chronic pain.
  • Injuries or fractures due to car accidents, sports, falling and slipping, etc.
  • Vertebrae breakdown due to aging effect or stresses on ligaments and muscles that assist the spine.
  • Gaining weight or obesity as it puts more weight and pressure on your spine and disks.
  • Osteoarthritis patients in which cartilage wears away that prevent the rubbing of vertebrae.
  • Infection namely bacterial meningitis also causes neck and upper back pain.
  • Neck pain can be a gesture of heart attack if it happens with other heart attack symptoms like sweating, nausea, jaw, and arm pain, vomiting, etc.
  • Herniated disk and pinched nerve.
  • Abdominal problems like aortic aneurysms can also be a cause of neck and back pain.

Neck and back pain Quick relief and prevention:

there are some measures for quick relief and prevention of neck and back pain

like applying cold compress in which you can use a handful of ice or anything cold in a plastic bag after wrapping it in a towel if you think that your stomach is strong enough to tolerate anti-inflammatory medicines like Naprosyn take them according to physicians recommendation,  walk with healthy posture can also assist to lower the pain and after a day or two when you have rested injury or calmed your pain tryout stretches they assist you to prevent new pain or reoccurrence of the previous injury.

When to see a healthcare provider?

Mostly back and neck pain decreases over time but When all the ways that you have used for treating pain like medication and rest fails and your pain is constant or increasing and you are undergoing weakness, fever, weight loss even after two weeks see your doctor.

How to treat neck and back pain?

There are several conventional treatment methods available for neck and back pain like Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, hot or cold compresses, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, physical therapy, and surgery is also an option when all other methods failed.

Alternative therapies are also available for back and neck pain treatment for example acupuncture, massage, and neck collar, etc.

What treatments a gentle wellness center is offering?

If you are suffering from neck and back pain Gentle wellness center is offering three ways to treat your pain in one place. These include acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic therapy.  I will discuss these three treatments in detail below.

1: Acupuncture: When we heard the word acupuncture needles come to our mind. In this traditional Chinese therapy, a therapist inserts sterile and thin needles in the strategic points of the patient’s body. Strategic points that are chosen for acupuncture assist to stimulate muscles, connective tissues, and nerves that boost natural pain relievers of the patient and help to treat pains including neck and back pain. This therapy also increases the energy level of a person’s body and improves his mental, physical as well as spiritual health.

  1. Chiropractic adjustments: In chiropractic therapy trained chiropractors utilized small tool or their hands to exert sudden but controlled force to spinal joints to improve the physical functioning of the body and to refine spinal motion. Some patients can go through minor side effects after this therapy like headache, pain or fatigue in body parts that undergo treatment. This procedure proved to be effective in treating headaches and other spine-related issues including neck pain and lower back pain. It is not necessary that everyone gets a cure from chiropractic adjustments if your symptoms are not improving even after several weeks talk to your therapist and try some other treatment, this method is not the best option for you. Patients with osteoporosis, inflammatory arthritis, and who are taking blood-thinning medicines should avoid spinal manipulation.
  2. Massage: Massage is one of the most popular therapies used to treat muscle tensions, aches, stiffness, spasms, inflammation, fluid retention, and pain. Massage also improves blood and lymph circulation, it upgrades flexibility, motion, and elasticity of tissues and muscles. Therapists use their hands or some specific instruments to softly knead and rub muscles with a rhythm that stimulates circulation. Increase blood flow in the region help to eliminate wastes (lactic acid) and deliver oxygen to the site of pain that helps to cure the pain.

Final verdict:

The gentle wellness center has expert chiropractors, acupuncture, and massage therapists to treat your back and neck pain effectively. So, do not waste your time and contact us by clicking the link given below, we will provide you the best possible treatment according to your condition and stage of your pain.