A Far Infrared Sauna is a new and improved form of your traditional sauna. They provide the same benefits and effects to the body with bearable heat and improved features. One of the reasons it is getting more and more popular is the fact that it works by providing electromagnetic radiation

through infrared lamps to heat the body directly, rather than heating the air around you. It also offers adjustable temperature which you can use for yourself and enjoy a relaxed sauna time where you provide your body with the heat it needs to heal itself.


The benefits of infrared sauna are the same as that of the

traditional sauna, except with less intense heat, more profuse sweating and

longer sauna sessions. These benefits include:  

Physical Health

Improvement in sleep


Helps to detoxify the body


Makes the skin look tighter and younger


Helps in relaxation


Provides relief to sore muscles


Aids in weight loss


Relief from joint pain


Improves blood circulation


It helps people get over chronic fatigue