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Infrared Sauna: Tips to Optimize Each Session

Infrared Sauna: Tips to Optimize Each Session

Each infrared sauna session has multiple health benefits. It is up to you how you will maximize the benefits brought to you by this particular session for alternative pain management in Virginia. To help you out, here are some of the tips that you can follow to achieve that goal:

  • Don’t drink before each session
    A single session can make you sweat a lot and drinking alcohol before each session won’t help you. In fact, it will make you feel more dehydrated. Drink lots of water before each session instead. A liter or two is recommended.
  • Sit straight
    It is absolutely fine to lay down each session. However, if you want to absorb as much of the infrared as possible, then sitting straight is the way to go. You want the infrared to hit where it matters – the front and back.
  • Don’t bring your smartphone
    Smartphones can really mess up with the hardware for infrared saunas. That is why most saunas don’t allow smartphones inside. Go through a digital detox while you are undergoing this sauna session. Naturopathic physicians in Fairfax, Virginia will recommend relaxing and de-stressing without your phone during the session, too.

You can reap lots of benefits when you go through a session of the infrared sauna. Gentle Wellness Center encourages you to make the most of each session, just like how you would with other therapies such as colon hydrotherapy. The health benefits you reap will pave the way for faster and better recovery.

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