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Insulin potentiation therapy, or IPT, represents a dramatic shift in the treatment of cancer. IPT utilizes insulin, which the body produces naturally, to potentiate or augment the delivery of chemotherapy medicine by making cancer cell membranes more permeable. 

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IPT Cancer Therapy

Insulin potentiation therapy is an alternative cancer treatment that effectively fights many types of cancers — without the side effects associated with traditional chemotherapy, such as nausea, hair loss, liver damage, and more.

The insulin attaches to the cells

All cells depend on insulin to help them absorb glucose (sugar) from the blood. The insulin attaches to the cells’ insulin receptors and acts like a key, opening channels in the cell wall that allow nutrients to enter.

Between six to 15 times more insulin receptors

The glucose is transported across the cell membrane into the cell, where it is made into energy. Cancer cells have between six to 15 times more insulin receptors on their surface than normal cells, which is why cancer cells perform better in the competition for food, absorbing the large amounts of glucose that help them grow.

Decreases the body’s sugar levels

During IPT Cancer Treatment, insulin is administered to the patient, which decreases the body’s sugar levels. Normal cells switch to metabolizing fat. Cancer cells, which live on sugar, respond to the insulin by opening all their membranes as they attempt to get more glucose.

A low amount of chemotherapy

At this point, a low amount of chemotherapy is administered, followed by glucose. The cancer cells absorb the chemotherapy drugs along with the glucose, and the drugs poison and kill the cancer cells.

Direct target

By targeting chemotherapy drugs directly to cancer cells via insulin, smaller doses of these powerful drugs are required to kill the cancer cells.

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Annie R. Ressalam, M.D

Annie R. Ressalam, M.D., is an Internal Medicine physician, with a passion for alternative medicine an interest in Geriatrics and Palliative Care. Dr. Ressalam graduated medical school from Kasturba Medical University in Manipal, India. She attended a Geriatrics fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

She is a member of several medical associations and societies, including Insulin Potentiation Cancer Therapy association, the American Geriatric Society, the American College of Physicians and the American Medical Women’s Association.

The fastest way to reach us is by calling. If you can’t call right now, use the form below to leave us a message.

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