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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. It is a medical treatment that is done using focused light from a laser that is tuned into specific wavelengths. It is a relatively efficient, safe and painless treatment. We use multi wavelengths diode laser system with 810nm, 980nm, 1064nm and 1470nm. Each wavelength laser serves a different purpose.

The 810nm laser is used for physiotherapy as its bio-stimulating light promotes regeneration, reduces inflammation, regulates immune system, nervous system, improve blood circulation and promote metabolism and helps in rehabilitation treatment. The 980nm laser targets the vascular cells and stimulates collagen growth, increase epidermal thickness and density so small blood vessels aren’t exposed and increases skin’s elasticity and resistance. The 1064nm laser destroys fungus in the nail and nail bed to promote healthy nail growth. The 1470nm laser helps discharge fat cells out of the patient’s body by breaking the cytoderm of adipocyte, then forming holes in the cytoderm and creating outflow of cytoplasm.

Laser therapy has a variety of uses including:

1. Anti-Inflammatory – Infrared laser has an anti-oedemic effect as it cause blood vessels to dilate and activates the lymphatic drainage system thus reducing inflammation
2. Anti-Pain – Laser therapy can help reduce the sensitivity of nerve cells and block pain signals from cells reaching the brain. This in addition to reduced inflammation helps reduce swelling as well as pain.
3. Accelerate tissue repair and cell growth – Laser therapy improves tissue healing and regeneration through a process known as photobiomodulation. This therapy can change cell function and is a clinically well accepted tool not only in regenerative medicine but also dentistry for management of functional disorder and improved healing process.
4. Improved vasoactive function – laser therapy can improve vasoactive function to accelerate healing process, facilitate rapid wound closure and reduce the formation of scar tissue.
5. Points and trigger points – This therapy exerts biostimulatory effects on various cell types including osteogenic cells and bone tissue and provides a non-invasive way to provide muscle and bone pain relief as well as stimulate trigger points and acupuncture points.

Following are some of the applications of Laser Therapy:

1. Relieve all kinds of pain from the body (back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, etc.)
2. Facilitate recovery and accelerate tissue repair, cell growth and healing after injury / surgery.
3. Anti-inflammatory function
4. Pulled muscle or sport injury
5. Osteoarthritis
6. Skin Rejuvenation
7. Wound Healing
8. Acupuncture (stimulating acupoints without piercing skin)
9. Lumbar spondylosis
10. Cervical spondylosis
11. Frozen shoulder
12. Plantar fasciitis
13. Spondylopathy
14. Rheumatic Disease
15. Tennis Elbow
16. Arthritis
17. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
18. Post-surgical recovery
19. Bulging, fused, or slipped discs
20. Headaches, including migraines
21. Ligament sprains
22. Tendonitis