Lose Up to 4 Pounds Per Week

We Have 95% Success Rate

Losing weight can be quite the journey, especially if this is a new adventure. Our strategy is to integrate individual weight history, genetic background, social scenarios, diet, exercise, and present stress factors along with comprehensive traditional evaluations of medications and medical issues into one approach.

At Gentle Wellness Center, we provide the following two weight loss programs:

-Naturopathic Weight Loss 

-Medical Weight Loss     


Nutritional weight loss is not about cutting calories, cutting food groups, insane workouts, or relying on willpower. We educate and guide individuals to a healthier lifestyle through sustainable dietary changes. Regular coaching and encouragement will help hold you accountable and educate yourself on how to best utilize food to achieve maximum health and wellness. Our goal is to help you change your dietary habits by making healthier choices daily. Doctor Milena Safran will help you make these changes through nutrition education, regular and active coaching, and long-term success.


Education: Early in the nutrition counseling process, we help you build a foundation in the fundamentals of the science of nutrition. Dr. Safran will show you how to approach calories, food intake, and how to think through the planning and timing of your meals.

You will learn:

• How to build a balanced meal

• Label reading

• Triggers to food cravings and strategies to overcome them


Active Coaching: The key to making your nutritional weight loss coaching effective and long-term is by changing your habits and pinpointing tactics to support your goals. At Gentle Wellness Center, Dr. Safran will set you up for success through regular meetings. Each session will include your success and shortcomings over the last few days and how you can overcome the challenges that everyone faces when adopting a healthier lifestyle. Your coach will be your cheerleader, teacher, accountability partner.



Long-Term Success: Gentle Wellness Center’s Naturopathy believes that developing an educational basis in nutrition and learning how to make incremental signs of progress to your diet best prepares you for long-term success. Once you have achieved initial weight loss and progressed through normal weight maintenance, we provide a support system for maintaining your improved lifestyle.


HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone found in men and women, however, is most active in the body during pregnancy. During pregnancy, it controls the metabolic functions in pregnancy, and research has shown that in non-pregnant people, it increases metabolism in a similar way.


HCG triggers the body to burn stubborn fat which is only mobilized during times of starvation and pregnancy. HCG can be used in combination with B12 injections, Lipo Fat Burner injections, and as well as appetite suppressants to help you lose weight medically in a controlled setting.

In-depth hormone testing can be completed if this hormone replacement therapy is right for you. Dr. Ressalam and the team at Gentle wellness center will create a personalized plan of possible hormone therapy along with detailed exercise and dietary recommendations to lose weight.