What is a Neuromodulator?

The two neuromodulators we offer at Gentle Care Wellness are Botox® and Xeomin®.

Neuromodulators are injected into the underlying muscles to gradually smooth wrinkles, frown

lines, and crows feet.

How long do results last?

The effects typically last three to four months. Results are best achieved and maintained with

consistent follow-up.

What should I expect before and after my treatment?


• For 48 hours before your treatment avoid drinking alcohol, taking aspirin, or NSAIDs

(Aleve, Motrin, Ibuprofen) to minimize bleeding and bruising during the treatment.

• The day of your treatment come with a clean face free of heavy makeup.

• It is not mandatory, but we recommend taking Arnica Montana Pills 2-3 days prior to

injections to help minimize swelling and bruising.


• Keep your head above you heart, remain upright for 4 hours after injection.

• AVOID yoga, strenuous exercise, and alcoholic beverages for 24 hours.

• Headaches may occur with injections, we recommend use of Tylenol or cool

compress. Avoid use of aspirin or aspirin containing products.

• AVOID massaging or manipulating the injection sites for 48 hours.

Botox is $13 per unit and Xeomin is $12 per unit. Call us or fill out the form below for special pricing on 50 and 100 units and we will get back to you shortly!