Aging is an inevitability that each of us face from the cradle to the grave.

For centuries, the general population has been preoccupied with the aging process and “showing their age.” Likewise, the scientific community has been preoccupied with researching the aging process.

The maximum life span for humans appears to be about 120 years. Reaching that potential involves reducing the causes of all premature death, which is the responsibility of every person whose goal is to increase their longevity or reverse the aging process (anti-aging). The term anti-aging refers to improving the health factors to achieve a healthy physiology faster than the aging process determined by our DNA.

Two Theories of Aging

  1. Programmed Theory : This theory centers around the telomere or DMA cap-the genetic clock that determines how long the DNA can reproduce in a new cell and repair cellular and DNA damage.
  2. Damage Theory : The damage theory is based on the concept that aging is a function of how much accumulated damage is done to cells and DNA.
    Both theories seem to be at work in every human and they determine when a person will die of “natural causes.”
    Much research has been directed at the control of genetically programmed aging, yet there still exists no way to alter this programming.
    The focus on anti-aging is on reducing factors that cause damage to cells and DNA (oxidation, toxins, stress, infections, and electromagnetic frequencies) and providing building blocks for the body to heal and repair.

Ways to Slow or “Reverse” Aging

  • Nutrient-rich diet: vitamins, minerals, carotenes, flavonoids, fiber, and vegetable oils
  • Reducing sugar, alcohol, saturated fates, high levels of animal fats
  • Supplement with vitamin C, E, good multiple vitamins
  • Balance hormone levels (see natural hormone therapy) add DHEA and pregnenolone as precursors to hormones
  • Gingko Biloba: increases blood and oxygen circulation to tissues especially the brain
  • Antioxidant or free radical therapy taken orally or intravenously (IV) to help repair normal cell and DNA damage. These include glutathione and superoxide dismutase, selenium, coenzyme Q10, sulfur, amino acids and carotenes
  • Detoxify body continually
  • Keep blood sugar at low levels
  • Keep cortisol low
  • Exercise: one hour of exercise is theorized to add two hours of life
  • Rest and sleep to regain repair

It’s Your Choice

Slowing or reversing the aging process is a choice each person can make. Choosing to do so yields benefits throughout life and is especially important if we wish to increase the quality and quantity of our later years.