Benefits of Ozone Therapy in Fairfax, VA

Ozone Therapy is the 2nd most powerful sterilizer in the world and treats a multitude of ailments from fatigue to auto-immune diseases. In this treatment, the blood is oxidized, causing the body to respond and heal.

Ozone treats many ailments which include:

  • Allergies-enhances response to inhaled allergen and induces airway inflammation
  • Auto Immune-enhances function and strengthens it
  • Bacterial-oxidizes the cells to weaken and/or destroy bacterial walls
  • Cancer-strengthens immune system and supports production of cancer-fighting cells
  • Circulatory-stimulates red blood cell function and enhances blood vessel flexibility
  • Cardiovascular-promotes faster recovery and enhances the healing process
  • Infections-cuts through biofilm and acts as a direct antiseptic
  • Inflammatory-increases blood flow to problematic areas to improve circulation
  • Joint Pain-stimulates the body’s inflammatory system and regenerates injured tissue
  • Lyme/EBV-reduces inflammation to improve symptoms and oxidizes the blood to cause dormancy of the infection
  • Chronic Fatigue-activates multiple metabolic pathways at once that have gone astray
  • Dental Diseases-decreases bacterial amount

What Ozone Therapy Can Do For You

Ozone Therapy has incredible natural benefits and tackles a multitude of issues within the body. It can improve the immune system by fighting off infection, which also reduces inflammation. This inflammation also aids pain relief such as back pain and other chronic wounds. Ozone even has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal abilities as well. It contains a layer of infection control properties that can rectify infections on its own.

Our ozone therapy in Fairfax, VA is a beneficial way to prevent further health complications as well. Ozone Therapy can vastly minimize the chances of a repeat heart attack, as the cause of heart attacks is due to dead tissue from the lack of oxygen or an irregular heart rate. It also protects the skin from quick aging, acne, and scarring as Ozone’s antioxidant properties increase elasticity and increase collagen production to maintain and protect healthy skin.

Ozone assists even more bodily functions and treats symptoms by:

  • Improving oxygen utilization 
  • Improving metabolic rates
  • Improving mitochondrial function
  • Increasing nitric oxide
  • Enhancing the immune system function 
  • Enhancing effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation 
  • Reducing side effects from chemotherapy and radiation
  • Increasing antioxidant systems/function in the body 
  • Reducing oxidative damage and inflammation
  • Strengthening your respiratory system
  • Inactivating bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and yeast
  • Stimulating your immune system
  • Improving your circulatory system by cleaning arteries and veins
  • Relieving pain in wounds and fractures 
  • Limiting stroke damage 
  • Reducing abnormal heart rhythm
  • Improving brain function and memory

The Treatment Process

For this treatment, UV light adds energy to the red blood cells causing a healing cascade to occur. Then, ozone in the blood makes oxidative stress, causing the body to respond and heal. The treatment is accomplished in an IV room in about 45 minutes. First, a small amount of blood is drawn. Next, the blood is mixed with a bag of saline. Soon after, ozone is added to the blood/saline mixture. Lastly, the blood/saline mixture is dripped back to the patient past the UV light. Ozone therapy is a safe treatment, even safer than taking aspirin!

Is Ozone Therapy Safe?

When used medically, the gas administered is NEVER inhaled and only given in precise therapeutic doses. At Gentle Wellness Center, we use naturopathic, long-lasting solutions as opposed to traditional medicine. Ozone therapy is one of the safest treatments of alternative medicine and rarely do patients experience adverse side effects.

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