Shocking Health Problem Affecting The Brain

elder man having a problem

By Patrick McNally, D.C,

Dr. McNally is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician within the Pain Management Program at the Gentle Wellness Center.

You see it everyday. It’s an epidemic. And it’s causing healthy people to develop serious problems early in life. You might be one of them.

It won’t surprise you to learn that your brain needs a free flow of oxygenated blood to be healthy, to keep you operating at your best, thinking clearly, remembering easily, staying happy and relaxed during the stresses of daily life. Your brain also needs to release the accumulated waste products of metabolism and normal functioning. How does all of this happen in a normal, healthy way?

Patrick McNally

The materials needed for a healthy brain – meaning a healthy you – and the drainage pathways to release toxins that can damage your brain, are contained in the spinal pathways in your neck and back. Without proper circulation of the fluids in and around your spine, damage to the brain and other organs is likely over time.

Consider that any blockage or congestion in your neck prevents toxins from draining, allowing metabolic garbage to build up in the brain that can lead to degenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s. Muscles spasms, tightness, or restriction in the neck or anywhere along the spine will limit the flow of important metabolic products to and from the brain, denying you a full life. Common reactions to such restrictions are headaches, brain fog, fatigue, depression, anxiety and pinched nerves.

The Importance of Posture

Sitting or standing in a slumped posture inhibits normal breathing and constricts the flow of electrical impulses along nerves. A straight and unencumbered spine allows the free flow of current and energy through the spinal canal and out through the nerves to the muscles, organs and senses, flooding the body with life and vitality. Your brain and other body parts needs optimal oxygenation for good health.

Notice the way people sit in their chairs or in front of a computer. Many force the head and neck into forward posture, restricting the flow of fluids and energy into the brain. They work harder than necessary to think through the problems at hand. Others are slumped and contorted, looking tired and lazy. Consider how you feel when you see such a person compared to the effect of someone standing tall with a straight spine and head held high.

By developing the habit of good posture – and if necessary removing blockages along the spine that restrict the flow of important fluids, energy and vitality through specialized chiropractic techniques – you will do much to experience good health now and prevent unwanted health problems for the future.

Restoring normal position of the spinal segments by specific chiropractic adjustments caused by injury or long-term bad postural habits, and removing those blockages along the spine to promote the flow of important nutrients and nerve impulses, will bring vigor back to devitalized organs and glands, and give your brain all it needs to function optimally.

Chiropractic care is not just for back pain. It’s for good health now and in the future!