1. Very Kind And Helpful

    I attend Natural Horizons Wellness Center for vitamin C IV infusions and massage as ancillary treatments for cancer. I find the staff very kind and helpful and the treatments boost my immune system, helping me feel better as I progress through chemotherapy. If you are seeking support treatments for cancer, I would recommend a consult to see if the center is a good fit for your needs.…Read More

    Lily C. - Comprehensive Cancer Care Patient
  2. Much More Comfortable

    In 1980, I fractured my T-8/T-9 vertebrae, and the fracture caused incomplete paraplegia from that point on. I was extremely fortunate to regain the ability to get back up on my two feet and walk again; however, the worst part of the accident was the paresthesia, very irritating constant pins and needles in my right leg and foot. Pete Ewens of Natural Horizons Wellness Center suggested laser thera…Read More

    Bob S. - Laser Therapy and Chiropractic Patient
  3. Excellent Job

    The entire dental staff at NHWC does an excellent job letting the client know the procedures, costs and outcome of your visits...friendly, informative and professional...thanks!!…Read More

    Robert S. - Dental Patient
  4. Great Benefits

    Great benefits from the progressive techniques for culturing improved spine and neck conditions as well as diminishing pain with low-level laser therapy.…Read More

    Jessie L - Laser Therapy & Chiropractic Patient
  5. So Grateful

    I've been trying to deal with unexplained weight gain for the last three years. I've tried every diet under the sun and nothing has worked. Dr. Ridinger helped me by listening carefully (a rare thing in a doctor these days) and going over all the possible culprits. I left feeling hopeful about my situation for the first time in three years. I'm so grateful.…Read More

    Cindi C. - Women's Wellness