Why Choose A Naturopathic Doctor?

Naturopathic Medicine is a system that emphasizes prevention, treatment, and optimal health through therapeutic methods and natural substances that promote self-healing. Often overlooked by the public, Naturopathic Doctors are a great option for patients that are struggling to find affordable and effective health care. If you’re not sure if a Naturopathic Doctor would be a good fit for you read on to learn the reasons why many patients choose a Naturopathic Doctor.

1. You Want A Doctor Who Will Treat All Of You, Not Just Your Illness

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are trained to treat the whole person not just the illness. This requires time to deep dive into the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can affect your health. This just can not be done in 10 minutes, the typical amount of time traditional doctors spend with their patients. In contrast, your first naturopath appointment will most likely be an hour or so.

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2. You Want A Doctor That Will Get To The Root Cause, Not Just Treat Your Symptoms

Naturopaths want to find the underlying source of your issue because when you find and cure the underlying source you will relieve your symptoms and improve your overall health. For example if a woman goes to a traditional doctor for painful/irregular periods the doctor will most likely recommend birth control as a way to treat the problem. A Naturopath will ask “Why are you having painful/irregular periods” and work to find the answer.

3. You Want A Gentler Approach

Naturopathic Doctors start with the most gentle solution for your issues. In our example above about the women with painful/irregular periods, the traditional doctor jumps to a prescription solution. Instead, Naturopaths will opt for the gentler and more natural solution, only turning to prescription medicine after they’ve exhausted all natural options. In this example a naturopath may first recommend altering your diet, adding in exercising, or taking some herbal remedies before considering a recommendation of birth control.

4. You Want Personalized Treatment:

Naturopathic doctors understand there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. Your ND will create a customized treatment plan tailored to your health status, your goals, and your lifestyle. They also understand that your treatment plan may need to change and be updated based on your progress or major life changes.

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5. You Want To Actively Participate In Managing Your Own Health

Naturopathic doctors will work to empower and educate you so you can make informed decisions about your health and actively participate in your treatment plan. Working with a Naturopathic doctor you will learn what your body needs to get well and stay healthy.

6. You Don’t Want To Rely On Pain Meds & Risk Addiction

With the growing opioid crisis in America patients are turning to Naturopathic Doctors and alternative medicine to treat their chronic pain. Chronic pain, pain lasting more than 6 months, is more complex than acute pain and requires a holistic, long-term approach to manage. Relying on pain meds, especially opioids, for chronic pain is not very effective and often leads to addiction. Naturopathic doctors use an integrative approach of diet, exercise, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, lifestyle changes, and counseling to help manage your chronic pain naturally.

7. You Want To Save Money In The Long Run

Although many Naturopathic Doctors aren’t covered by insurance they can end up being less expensive than traditional medicine in the long run. Since Naturopaths opt for natural and more gentler treatments you may be able to save money on decades worth of prescription pills, surgery, and other interventions.

8. You’ve Tried The Traditional Medical Options & It Didn’t Work

A lot of our patients come to us after exhausting traditional medical options. Since certain chronic health conditions can be difficult to diagnose and treat, traditional medicine tends to fail these patients and then turn their backs on them. This is where naturopathic doctors and holistic medicine can help. Naturopathic Doctors use a range of traditional diagnostic tools such as health histories, physical exams, laboratory testing and imaging as well as a range of alternative health care diagnostics such as diet history, lifestyle habits, exercise history, and social/emotional factors. Taking into account these alternative health aspects these approaches can open doors to new treatment options.

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