Why Gentle Wellness Center Is Out Of Network – Reasons We Don’t Accept Insurance

The U.S. healthcare system is broken, and a big part of the problem is how insurance companies do business. It’s a profit driven business model that has little to do with caring for people. Instead of promoting real and lasting health, in the U.S. it’s actually a sick care system, which interferes with what many doctors would like to do in the best and most expedient interests of their patients.

We at Gentle Wellness Center chose to be out of network because we want your health to be our #1 priority and 99% of the time insurance gets in the way of that.

doctor and patient talking

Insurance Dictates Your Treatment Plan:

In medicine, insurance companies, not doctors, dictate what, how, and for how long patients receive services. Insurances often disallow payment for cutting edge services that get patients well quickly and instead they offer to pay for downgraded, less effective treatments that are often not the best option for the patient or their condition. This forces doctors, health care facilities, and hospitals to recommend inferior treatment strategies, overprescribe care, and extend treatment in order to match the insurance company’s stipulations.

We’ve eliminated that experience at Gentle Wellness Center so that our doctors and other providers are always free to communicate from clarity and best intentions. You’ll FEEL the difference and get only what you truly need and nothing more.

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Too Many Patients Too Little Time:

Insurances pay providers so little for most services forcing providers to see more than ten times the number of patients they should see in a given day to make ends meet. This brings down the overall level of service and quality of care that doctors can provide to their patients. Always rushing to get to the next patient can lead to misdiagnosing problems, mistakes, and creates an environment where your questions and concerns don’t have time to be addressed.

By choosing to be out of network, our Gentle Wellness Center doctors get to spend more time with their patients. This allows our doctors to listen to their patients, address their concerns, and create a customized treatment plan that fits their patient’s situation and lifestyle.

dollar sign and stethoscope

Many Times, Using Insurance Actually Costs More:

Additionally, we choose to be out of network because many times, using insurance ends up costing the patient more money in the long run. Insurance companies limit what types of treatments they cover, the amount paid for treatment, and the number of treatments a patient can have, possibly exposing you to increased expense or compromised care.

It’s not uncommon now that a patient is better served by NOT using his or her insurance than by using it. How? Because doctors and other providers are required by contract to charge patients the full rate – no allowances – which ends up costing more in many cases than not using the insurance in the first place. Patients are learning, in certain circumstances, to pretend not to have insurance to be charged less than they would otherwise.

Ask yourself this. Do you want the best treatment that alternative medicine has to offer, or if you want a downgraded service that insurance will cover but may not work and may cost more in the long run? If you must keep coming back to treat the problem with an inferior treatment, you ultimately will be spending more even with insurance than you would if you paid out of pocket for the superior treatment.

Patient Privacy:

Lastly, we choose to be out of network to protect patient privacy. Before 1990 insurance companies rarely invaded patients’ files. But when managed care became a thing this all changed. The insurance companies positioned themselves to have access to private and sensitive information about your health and health care, later using that information to position for more and more access. They require that doctors and clinicians reveal diagnoses, symptoms, behaviors and treatment plans. putting your personal information is at risk every time you use insurance, and it can be used against you in myriad ways. Just one example is if you ever apply for disability coverage: The insurance companies will deny specific coverage in exaggerated ways for even minor issues in your records.