Why Should You Consider an Alternative Cancer Treatment Center?

It is a widely known fact that conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy involve killing the healthy cells, causing the immune system to suffer and become weaker. This in turn causes the cancer cells to become stronger and that is why although we see many patients in remission or recovering from cancer, they eventually get it back. Patients keep doing multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation that lead to a host of serious side effects and cost them fortunes. Moreover, such treatments tend to cause other conditions that require another set of drugs to be treated that harm more than heal.

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Most oncologists across the United States and other countries largely question or refute the theories of natural medicine and deny that alternative cancer treatments actually work. A lobby, mainly consisting of some allopathic doctors, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other bodies that make a huge profit from traditional cancer treatments, even term some of the alternative therapies for cancer as quack. When there is so much literature floating about, telling us how cancer cannot be cured naturally, we’re scared and skeptical about taking the route to holistic cancer treatment centers.

What Does a Holistic Cancer Treatment Center Offer?

Doctors at the Gentle Wellness Center explain how cancer is really not a disease. Cancer is a natural condition that develops as healthy cells fight unfavorable environment in the body to live in and therefore, treating it by creating a favorable environment in the body will allow the bad cells to repair or stop growing while making the healthy cells healthier instead of attacking them. A holistic cancer treatment therapy aims at destroying only the affected cells and creating a strong immune system by not only creating an integrative treatment plan but also incorporating physical, mental and emotional healing mechanisms. Holistic cancer treatment centers don’t look and feel like typical cancer hospitals that increase the stress levels of patients. An alternative cancer care center is usually a calm and quiet out-patient center with a relaxing atmosphere. There are patient treatment areas with large sofas and chairs where patients can make themselves comfortable with blankets and do whatever they like, like read, watch TV or listen to music while they get the vitamin infusions. Many centers also have rooms for massages and other therapies.

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What are Some of the Most Successful Alternative Cancer Treatments?

The goal of holistic and functional medicine is to cure and correct the root cause of diseases as against just treating the symptoms or conditions. An integrative cancer treatment plan is usually a combination of different therapies. Over the years, Gentle Wellness Center has had many success stories for alternative cancer treatments and for healing other conditions.

At our center, doctors do a thorough examination and analysis of your health history and diagnosis before recommending a treatment plan. Our doctors will discuss the treatment with you in detail before starting the treatment plan. Depending on your situation, we offer some of the most well known and proven form of natural cancer treatments such as IPT – Insulin Potentiation Therapy, Intravenous High Dose Vitamin C and Low Dose Chemotherapy. Other complementary therapies that maximize the effects of the above treatments include HBOT – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Chelation Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Sauna, Acupuncture, Chiropractic therapy, Myofascial Release, Massages and Naturopathy services. All of the above helps you heal holistically as against surgeries, chemo or radiation that involve taking a lot of other medications that harm the immune system in the long term.

It is important to note that alternative cancer treatments may not work for all patients and just like conventional treatments, there may be highs and lows. More often, alternative treatments also take longer to take effect than the traditional form of treatments. Sometimes, these treatments can be recommended in addition to traditional chemotherapy and radiation or to even to treat the side effects from these treatments. That is why it is very important to get a proper diagnosis and consultation from out doctors.